Free 2020 Printable Calendar Templates With Indian Holiday

Indian Calendar is also known as Hindu calendar, they are being used in different states of India from the ancient era. These calendars are quite similar to all other calendars, there are some most used or trending calendars which comes under the Indian calendar are Vikram Samvat, Shalivahana Shaka these are mostly found or read in the central and North regions of India. The other most used calendars are Tamil calendar of Tamil Nadu and Bengali calendar of Bengal.  

Indian Holidays Calendar 2020

Indian Holidays Calendar 2020

These are the calendars which are mostly emphasized on the lunar cycle. Apart from this, there are some regions like Kerala where the calendars are emphasized on solar cycle and are known as the Malayalam Calendar as the New Year in Kerala starts from the month of autumn. Many times Hindu Calendar is also known as the Panchanga, as we all known that India is a very vast country with various religions and states where each of them follows different criteria and type of calendar.

Yearly Calendar 2020 with Indian Holidays

Yearly Calendar 2020 with Indian Holidays

The conceptual design of Indian Calendar is almost similar to the Jewish calendar but it is very much different from the Gregorian calendar. As per the Gregorian Calendar, there are some additional days in the lunar month while the integrity of lunar month is maintained by the Hindu calendar. It is having a complete extra month for the festivals, crop-related rituals which come at different appropriate seasons.

Why do we use Calendar?

A calendar has now become a major thing in this world as there are various things which cannot be completed without the help of calendars.  Here, we are talking about the Indian calendar, which is a kind of thing where one can not even do a single auspicious function like wedding, poojas, celebrating festivals, an inauguration of any new business or house without looking over the shubh muhurat.

Printable Indian Calendar 2020

Printable Indian Calendar 2020

If you are the resident of India then I am sure that you might be aware of these things and the importance of valid dates and days while opening or doing any new work. Apart from this, there are various or we can say a lot of festivals which are being celebrated in India and to look over all these dates assuredly we are in need of a Calendar. So, for your ease and betterment, we are here providing you the Indian calendar of 2020 which will go to help you in looking over various festivals, upcoming days, dates and holidays.

List of Holidays in Indian Calendar

Holidays are a very essential part of our lives either we are working or student everyone enjoys the holiday. If you are also one of them then this calendar is definitely one for you. As 2020 is about to come there are only a few months of 2019 are remaining and you will be soon in the requirement of the calendar of 2020.

Indian Calendar 2020

Therefore, for the residents of India, we are here providing the calendar of 2020 so that they can come across to know the accurate dates and days which are going to fall in the upcoming year. So, there are various days and dates about which you will definitely like to know, in this calendar, you will going to learn about all dates and days of upcoming festivals and holidays which are going to fall in the year of 2020.

In this article, you will get a printable Indian calendar of 2020 which will have all details related to the upcoming festivals and the days you are going to get off from your hard work. You can also plan a trip or tour with your loved ones on the holidays which are going to fall in 2020. It is very simple and easy to download our calendars you can even have a print of it for further use.

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